Our Story

The Globalismo Music concept initially was an idea playfully thought up by Dimitris Zabetakis and Dimitris Kritikos (MCD) over fun and drinks at the Candelas Music Event hosted by the former.Their mutual love for music and work experience in the field of the music industry ignited the spark to later become the flame known as Globalisimo Music.

The atmospheric music sounding from the loudspeakers on that night was played by new producers and musicians using unreleased tracks, experimental music, and covers of well-known tracks seen under a different light and included music from all over the globe under the genres of Ethnic, Downtempo, Deep House, and Electronica.
There was no question about it.Something had to be done to help these performers’ talent be heard and right then and there we agreed to make a joint effort to create the ‘Home of the Music World’, as we like to call it, AKA Globalisimo Music.

Our first release was the track Candelas,by Cosmos Shape ,which featured at the Candelas event.
The next soon-to-be released compilation ,Candelas Evenings ,includes significant popular artists of the likes of Nacho Sotomayor, Dreamers Inc, Roni Iron, Dj Pantelis,Tebra, Christos Fourkis, Manuel Defil, ThroDef, DjKhaikhan, Yiannis Kapetanakis and many more, as well as rising artists in the music scene such as Lefteris P, Digitalic, Briansway, and K.Tsaousis.

Globalismo Music is much more than a simple Record Label. We understand that by working side by side with the artist and being a core part of their music creation along the way ,only then can greatness be achieved .So we strive to be a family, your home for music, your friend. We need good music and we provide the support you need to create great music.

If you are creative and have knowledge of music production, and/or musical instruments, or if you are a singer, photographer, graphic designer, internet marketer, or performer, then send us a resume with your skills and professional details and we will see how we can best work together. Click on the link shareyourskills in the ‘Contact’ section of our website to submit your information.

In addition to our work in record production, we also organize events, concerts, and dj sets.